Easy & Fast Terms and Conditions for Website Pages--Protect Yourself



Is your website protecting you and is it legally legit?

Every website should have Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy, or TCPP, for short.

It's not just an option or a "nice to have".  It's legally required.

Watch this video and read the summary below to find out how you can protect your company and also protect the privacy and rights of your website visitors as well.

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Why You Need Terms and Conditions on Your Website


What Are Terms and Conditions (T&C) exactly?

Your Terms and Conditions are part of your legal pages that make up your website.  This is basically your legal contract with viewers, customers, and your audience who enter your website.  

Your website is like your home or your storefront, where visitors can come in, hang out with you, get to know you, and learn about your products and services.

Visitors to your website should know what they're agreeing to when they enter your site.

It's important to be fully transparent about the rules and standards around your relationship with them. This not only protects you, but it protects them as well. 

For example, if you don't want people using your content, your  images, and your resources, and potentially reusing it or reposting it somewhere for their own benefit, then protecting your assets in the terms and conditions is important. 

But if you don't mind them sharing the link or linking back to your blog, for example, as long as they credit the source, then this is something that you would want to let visitors to your site know.

Visitors, including promotional partners, may actually read your terms and conditions. And even if they don't, having rock solid terms of service can help protect you and serve as a precedent in the event of a dispute or a discussion around violations of your terms.


Privacy Policies Are Different from T&C


Your privacy policy specifically addresses how you handle their data.

Laws govern data use, and you are required to comply with international, country, and state laws. Personal data includes even simple things like someone's name and email address.

For more on privacy policies, check out this video, "Easy Privacy Policy for Websites: Don't Break the Law!"


Terms and Conditions for Selling Online


You must have basic T&C, even if you're not selling anything online.

But what if you sell something like products from your Shopify store on your website?

Maybe you're a course creator, and you sell something like a course or a membership program on your site.

Then you're going to need more enhanced and detailed terms of service on your website's legal pages. 

You'll need to address things like refunds, what your refund policy is, and how to reach out to you to  request a refund. 

In addition, you'll have people accessing your intellectual property (IP) when they enter into your programs. Intellectual property refers to any of the content that you've produced on your site, including the course materials that they may be using as they're going through your program or your online course.

Intellectual property, the body of knowledge that your business produces, is actually an asset in your business. Just like a real asset, like your computer or the camera you use in your business, your intellectual property needs to be protected. It could be taken, reused, or actually even be sold somewhere else without your permission. 

Stating all of these terms up front on the front end of your business makes it so much easier to have  discussions with clients on the back end of your business. The back end is where they might ask for  refunds. It's also where they might ask you questions about how can they use your material once they're in your program.


How Clear Terms Create Better Customer Relationships


Questions with clients and customers will arise. These discussions can be more fraught with confusion and  misunderstandings when there wasn't a clearly stated set of policies up front.

Having these legal terms laid out on the front end means that you can always refer back to them when having discussions with clients. You can then point out your policies and terms when those questions and disputes arise.


Where to Get Legal Templates for Your Business


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The Contract Shop®️ specializes in legal templates and contracts for coaches, entrepreneurs, photographers, and calligraphers.

The owner and founder, Christina Scalera, is a fully qualified attorney with a law degree from Emory University.

All of her contracts and templates are also peer reviewed by top lawyers in the industry.

One of our favorite products from The Contract Shop is the TCPP bundle. That's short for the Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy bundle. It's the top product that we recommend for course creators, coaches, and people selling their products online to get started and have a full comprehensive set of legal policies for your website and your landing pages. 

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Bonus Tip: Offer Guarantees


I'm a big fan of the 100% guarantee.

In the sales page training that I teach to my students, we talk about risk removal. One of the most common objections or hesitations that people have around buying your course or your program is the element of risk. 

They want to make sure that they're going to be happy with your program and that it's the right fit for them.

Having the reassurance that they can get their money back if they're not happy removes that hesitation.

Think of some of your favorite companies or big box stores that you shop at . . . or even shopping on Amazon. 

Terms like free returns and satisfaction guaranteed go a long way towards giving you peace of mind about your decision to purchase.

The same is true in helping you develop trust with your audience and trust in your brand.

One side note here: if you're offering something like templates or presets, then think carefully about your guarantee. Once they download them, they already have access to them, and there's really not a way to return the  product.

If you offer guarantees, make sure the details and terms are stated up front in your T&C and on your site.

The guarantee terms might change the way that you present the marketing, too. You might want more visuals, photos, and descriptions, so people could really get an inside look of what they're purchasing before they actually make that purchase. 

Likewise, if it's something like a coaching program, it's not really returnable. So, you might want to modify that 100% guarantee a bit, but you could do that with something like a full satisfaction guarantee through the end of maybe the first or the second coaching call. Or guarantee a specific result.

Either way, the importance of letting your clients know what the terms are upfront is critically important. 


NOTE: I'm not an attorney and this video does not constitute legal advice. If you have further questions, seek out an attorney who specializes in legal for online businesses and privacy law.



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