Why Your Business Needs a Digital Course- And Mistakes to Avoid | Amy Porterfield & Annie Bauer

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Amy Porterfield, founder of Digital Course, List Builder's Society, and the popular podcast


Have you been wanting to create an online course, but you're not sure how to get started or how to make it a successful, money-making stream of income for your business?

Well, tune in here, my friend, for this FREE training with the Queen of Digital Courses and online expert, Amy Porterfield.  We'll get your questions answered and give you lots of free resources to get you on the path to making money online by teaching what you know in an industry that’s on fire!

Amy Porterfield is one of the top women leaders in the digital online industry and the expert when it comes to creating an online course. She is also the host of the popular podcast “Online Marketing Made Easy”.  Join me in this exclusive interview with Amy where we discuss her signature program, Digital Course Academy, and how to create a digital course for your own business. 

We discuss the types of businesses that should be creating an online course, how ANYONE can become a successful online entrepreneur, and the mistakes to avoid if you’re starting an online business.




Who Are Course Creators?

Amy gets right to the bottom of it here and says, “literally anyone can be a course creator”.  You don’t have to have a business at all yet, or you can be adding an online course to a well-established business. Even brick and mortar businesses are wildly successful at adding an online learning or training component to their product or service offerings. 

In this chat, Amy gives examples of people making significant incomes teaching online. There’s Abby Warther, who teaches balayage for hair stylists and had a $17,000 launch in January, 2021! Or how about Danira Cancinos who made over $62,000 in her first course launch teaching how to make caramel apples!  Amy even mentions a student who left the corporate world to teach toy makers how to launch a toy business.  Check out the full list of success stories in ALL kinds of niches around the world!

These stories and more are so inspiring and will get your creative ideas flowing about what you might be able to teach online as well.  And even more important than the income that can come into your life is the widespread impact you can make online for your students and audience and the freedom you can have. These course creators also tell stories of how their online business has made a difference in their personal lives as well.


How to Build an Audience and a Course at the Same Time

If you think you have to have a “big audience”, an email list, or a business started already before you can create a digital course, think again. Amy and I dive into how you can create the right audience who wants what you can teach.  And you can do this at the same time that you’re building your course.  In fact, crafting your audience and getting to know them BEFORE you create your course is a great way to get started.

A lot of women out there are especially concerned with how they are going to build an audience AND build a course, thinking they don’t have the time. We dive into a question from Catherine Hart from the Baby Sleep Team.  Like many women who are moms with young children, building an online biz has to be done on a part-time basis because of family obligations.  Amy helps us navigate this with some great strategies on how to get it all done, launch your course, and still have time for your family and loved ones.


You Don't Have to Be an Expert

A lot of people think, “Well, I can’t create an online course until I’m an expert”. But we’ll show you how you can get started with just a little expertise in your field.  Amy has this phrase called “the 10% edge”--meaning that you only have to be 10% ahead of someone or know 10% more than your audience to be able to offer valuable training in your course.   

There are three main types of courses that you can create, and they vary in the depth and breadth of knowledge you can include. Amy teaches how you can get started with a smaller, simpler course if that’s what is the right fit for you. Or, if you’re ready to dive into the deep end and create a course that teaches something from A to Z, she has a solution for this as well!

The whole key is to dive in, learn how to create a course, teach something valuable, and then build from there.


Stop Taking "Massive" Action

How many times have you heard an online “guru” or motivational speaker tell you to just start and take “massive” action?

Massive action is not going to get you headed in the right direction if you’re taking the wrong actions, burning out, or spreading yourself too thin.  Does this sound familiar?  Instead, what’s important is to take the right actions in the right order.  It’s crucial to have a step-by-step action plan, especially if you’re wanting to be successful more quickly without overworking yourself or spending time on tasks that don’t bring results.

One of the reasons that Amy is such a good online educator and coach is that she loves action plans and step by step processes. She tells us more about her methods, her online course, “Digital Course Academy”, and how systems have helped her grow her business to 8 figures in just 12 years.

In addition, Amy also shares some great advice and strategies on how to not get overwhelmed with things like tech, having to record yourself on video, not having a studio, and more.


Three Ways to Know if You're Ready to Create a Course

First, follow an action plan like the one Amy teaches that walks you through whether or not you have the right audience.  It’s important to know what they’re struggling with, the problems they want solved, and how they want to learn.  Really digging into these questions and knowing how to gather your research on this is important.

Second, you’ll also need to be able to evaluate what you’re excited about teaching, where you’ve gotten results with your methods, and the structure and content that needs to be in your course.  Amy’s system is called The Porterfield Process, and it’s a great way to get all of your ideas and content into a framework.


Learn Your Path to Profit & Freedom by Taking This Quiz!

Finally, and most importantly, go take Amy’s quiz! It’s called “What’s Your Personal Path to Creating a Profitable Digital Course?”   Amy has helped tens of thousands of students worldwide to learn what’s right for them, which steps to take, and where they should start.  So go take the 2 minute quiz right now and see if a digital course is right for you!


For a complete page of resources, downloads, and training from Amy, head over to https://www.anniebauer.com/amy and get started down your path to growing your online business with a digital course.


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