Ready to Start Living Your Best Life Ever?  We often aren't given the right tools to actually navigate life.  We aren't given a roadmap.  As a result, having a great life and work that you love is a challenge.

Ready to Start Living Your Best Life


Do You Want a Thriving, Profitable Business AND the Freedom to Create Life on Your Terms?


As women online entrepreneurs, we all have something in common:

We grow from being kids to adults, go to school, and get jobs.

And in all those years, we often aren't given the right tools to actually navigate life . . .

Even worse, we for sure haven't been taught how to be a self-made success as an entrepreneur.

In fact, everything we're taught--especially as women--is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing to become successful owners of our own online businesses!

We aren't given a roadmap.

As a result, having a great life and work that you love is a challenge.

You're not alone. I was there, too.

But don't worry, I've got solutions for you.

I'm Annie Bauer, a certified coach and business strategist.

I help women get past fear, self sabotage, lack of confidence, and money blocks so they can start or scale their business to the next level.


"I help you take out your mental trash so you can bring home the cold, hard cash."

Are you ready to go after those dreams inside of you and listen to that persistent voice inside your head that keeps telling you that you were made for more?


Annie Bauer's strategies help you find your ideal clients and customers, know exactly what to work on next, and how to set achievable goals.


Book a Quick Chat with Annie Bauer and let's tackle your biz problem!



Feeling stuck? Not challenged? Need help figuring out your next steps or getting your mojo back?  Let's talk!

Most coaches out there offer short "consults" and then want to sell you a high ticket package after they've just met you.

I'm different.

I want to really get to know you and serve you.

That's why my Premium Consultation Experience is 2 to 3 hours long.

It's also only for high performers who are truly serious about changing their lives and going to the next level.

I guarantee you will have a transformative experience. 

I also want to build a relationship with you . . . whether you decide to work with me or not.

Here's what you'll get . . .

In the coaching experience with me, I won't be your friend who tells you what you want to hear or who strokes your ego. . .  

"I am the person who helps you see what you can't see and tells you what no one else will tell you so that you can do what you've never done."

That's why they call me CBK . . . Chief Booty Kicker.

 It's a process I've perfected over the years that is transformational and designed so that you will walk away with insights and truths that you can apply immediately.

At the end of the call, I will then be able to give you a completely customized  recommendation and plan for your next steps.

Because of the in-depth nature of my 1:1 private consults, I am only able to offer a few spots at a time, so don't delay.

Serious, high performers only. 

Apply by sending an email to [email protected]. Tell me about you, where you are now, and your Vision for your life at the next level.


Book a Quick Chat with Annie Bauer and let's tackle your biz problem!


What do you do when you need a lifeline, a momentum boost, or fast help to get unstuck quickly?


Book Your Accelerated Transformation Coaching Call!


Using my own unique method called ACT™️ (Accelerated Coaching Transformation), I can help you sort through the confusion, gain momentum, and find your next 3 big moves to catapult your life or biz forward in the next 30 days.

This targeted, proprietary system that I developed has been so effective that people find themselves implementing as soon as the call is over and coming back excited for a follow-up session!

Choose this option if you have a specific issue that needs immediate, focused attention.

Spots for 1 hour strategy sessions are limited.

Clients always score this a "9" or a "10" out of 10.

(and sometimes I even get mind-blowing answers like 12, 15, or "there's not a number high enough"!)

Guaranteed to give you clarity and an action plan or your money back.




Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ (RTT) with Annie

Book a Quick Chat with Annie Bauer and let's tackle your biz problem!

I am training with my mentor, Marisa Peer, to become a Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ RTT Therapist & Practitioner.

What does this mean for YOU?

It means that I will have another amazing tool to help you get results FAST. 

We'll be able to unlock the subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging your success, abundance, health, confidence, and self esteem.

What could your life (and bank account) look like if you could go in and extract thoughts and reprogram behaviors that are keeping you from launching, doing webinars, selling, and public speaking (like going LIVE on social media)?

We'll even be able to get you back on track after post-launch trauma, a vicious attack from internet trolls, or any kind of life or business setback which has you questioning yourself or feeling like you can't "get back on the horse".