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THE SMART BETTER LIFE™️  |  July 10, 2023

posted by Annie Bauer

Welcome Trailer: The Smart Better Life™️ Podcast

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July 10, 2023

posted by Annie Bauer

Welcome Trailer: The Smart Better Life™️ Podcast



(Read Time: 1-2 min.)

Welcome to The Smart Better Life™️ Podcast with Annie Bauer, where we talk about how you can get out of your own way and live fully into your dreams!

Learn how to master your mind to create more impact, income, and joy in your life and business.  And do it with more fun, less stress, and less overwhelm and confusion.

I love to help creators and digital entrepreneurs learn how to believe in themselves, develop confidence as a habit, and stop procrastinating or engaging in self-sabotage so that they can create Big Possibilities in their lives.

Listen in and follow so that you won't miss any of the weekly episodes coming your way.

The Podcast's Mission

With the podcast, I am bringing digital entrepreneurs like you solutions and strategies to help you get out of your own way so you can grow your business smarter, better, and easier.

I’ve had the great privilege over the past few years to coach amazing clients from all around the world . . . helping them get transformative results in their lives and businesses. 

And with The Smart Better Life™️ Podcast, now I get the chance to help you, too.


How This Podcast Is Different

First, it hasn’t been that long since I was right where you are now.

So I haven’t forgotten what it feels like to have fears about change, worries about money, or self doubt about having the life or business you TRULY want.

Second, we’re also going to go to the ROOT CAUSES that keep most people from attaining their goals and dreams.

And I’ll show you how to find them and fix them.

Third, I’m all about RESULTS.

This won’t just be a conversation about nice-to-know theories, ideas, or information.

We’re going to take the science, marketing and business concepts, and entrepreneurial ideas, and actually apply them . . . . then I’ll keep giving you more steps to go to the next level.


My Promise to You

Every episode from The Smart Better Life™️ Podcast will be full of lessons, strategies, and support to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. So click below to listen. Better yet, sign up on this page to get weekly show notes delivered to your Inbox.


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Before you scroll any further, I wanted to say, "Hi!"

(Yes, sometimes my Texas "Howdy" just has to come out.)

I'm Annie, an expert coach and biz strategist, and geeky nerd-researcher. I'm wildly passionate about helping others learn how to build lives and businesses that bring them joy.

If you want to create a "Life by Design, Not Default" where you intentionally build a life around what you love, blur the lines between work and play, and have a business that pays you with freedom, impact, and money, then you're in the right place, my friend. I'm glad you're here!


Annie Bauer, host of The Smart Better Life™️ Podcast in orange blouse seated in a chair in front of a fireplace

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